10+ Fine Ultra Violet 2018 Design Ideas Pantone Color Of The Year

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Seeing each the pictures of the wildfires going on in Los Angeles right now is breaking my heart. I’ve been in complete shock and it was not so long ago I had been living right in this region. On the reverse side, my heart was a tiny bit lighter once I discovered the news of Pantone color of the Year for 2018. Ultra Violet.

Purple is one of my absolute preferred colors, it’s been since I was a tiny girl. It is a royal color, a religious color and the color for prosperity. I adore what it signifies in Feng Shui and what using purple in the home can do to you. I have always encouraged my clients to stay purple blossom in their home office to boost prosperity. In addition, I love amethysts around to help link to a intuition which leads one to success and bliss in every area of your daily life.

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Juanita Virginia