16+ Creative Ways To Decorate A Studio Apartment

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A small apartment presents a number of challenges for its occupants. Where do you put all your belongings? Where do you entertain your guests? How can you live without feeling overwhelmed? These small apartment design and decor ideas will show you how to do it with style.

If you have the option of painting the walls, a modern palette of greys and whites offer a way to freshen up the space. But, don’t worry if you don’t have the option of painting the walls. There are a ton of decorating ideas that will allow you to transform the space without the use of a paintbrush on a wall. A hint? Think large vinyl graphics which cling to the wall without glue.

Scale down your furniture to fit the space you have. Smaller couches and loveseats are great for living rooms. Petite bedside tables and storage baskets are both beautiful as well as practical in the bedroom. Using open shelving and headboards allow the eye to wander through the space, visually expanding it in the process.

Add storage wherever you can. A carefully placed hook on the wall, a small set of shelves, and multi-use furniture pieces are all important. Which idea gets you to thinking?

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Juanita Virginia