42+ Inspiring Practical Kitchen Ideas You Will Definitely Like

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A good storage space can also be a kitchen decoration. Discover these 15 smart kitchen inspirations you will surely love. Take a look.

1. The rail system
It’s a great solution, especially for the corner of kitchen cabinet which is almost useless. They slid over from the right-hand side, from deep in the corner. This rail system is quite practical when made into a functional cabinets.

2. Wall Corner
A small kitchen and a relaxing space beautifully arranged with a long island next to the wall corner as a separator.

3. A Shelf above the Window
In some kitchens or dining rooms, a window allows communication between rooms. One example is the kitchen in the picture, there’s a window on the wall inside the house. You can make it more functional by adding wall shelves right above the window.

image source : pinterest.com

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Juanita Virginia